Wireless Network

The Division of Life Sciences (DLS) provides wireless internet access for registered users affiliated with Rutgers University and DLS. All users accessing this computer system must acknowledge their awareness of and compliance with both the Division of Life Sciences and Rutgers University Acceptable Use Policies. Unauthorized use of any computer or network resource is prohibited.

Rutgers (non DLS) & Wireless Guests

How do I connect?

The RUWireless network is an open access network (no authentication required; however, it serves as setup point for RUWireless Secure for Rutgers faculty/staff/students using their netid and netid password) providing internet access only requires no client setup and should work with any wireless devices.

DLS Secure

How do I connect?

DLS users should connect to the DLS Secure signal using your netid login and password. If you are having trouble accessing the DLS Secure signal please contact the SAS Helpdesk and provide your netid (no passwords please!) and we will make sure you have access to DLS Secure. 

The DLS Secure network provides access to the DLS network domain, which includes access to DLS resources such as shared drives an DLS printers. Supported devices also include iPhones, iPads and Android based smart phones and tablets. 

Network Policy

Security: The DLS Secure and RUWireless Secure networks provide the highest level of security utilizing WPA2 with AES-derived encryption. RUWireless Secure does not provide access to the DLS network domain.

Bandwidth: Wireless networking provides a limited amount of shared bandwidth for all users therefore a relaxed QoS (quality of service) restriction is imposed on all users of the DLS Wireless networks. This may limit the individual speed of a network connection or what streaming network services are available to help ensure that all users receive acceptable network performance.

Real-Time/P2P Protection: All users of the DLS Wireless networks are subject to limited Network traffic restrictions to known malware and peer to peer (torrent) sites. In accordance with the DLS and Rutgers University acceptable use policies users may forfeit access for repeated violations.