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MilledolerdoorsquareThe SAS Dean's Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with University and School of Arts and Sciences employment policies, procedures, union contracts, and accepted practice with respect to faculty and staff matters. To that end, the Office of Human Resources has been established to provide administrative direction, coordination, and implementation of employment programs and procedures at the School, in collaboration with University Human Resources, the Office of Academic Affairs, and University Counsel. The Office of Human Resources, under the direction of Karalyn Gallagher, has responsibility for managing personnel issues for all faculty and staff at SAS from hiring through termination.

OUR MISSION:  The Office of Human Resources partners with academic departments to provide comprehensive support and guidance on matters pertaining to human resources, employment policy, and payroll in convenient and confidential manners.

Human Resources Announcements

Telecommuting Information and Resources

NTT Reappointments: SAS HR will be creating individualized memos for NTT faculty appointments ending June 30th. This is for contacts that have been sent out that do not match what the employee is currently earning. Reappointments that need salaries to be brought to the new contractual minimums will also be given memos. For more information regarding the memos, please click here

TA/GA Notification Period: Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants who are only to be appointment for the Fall semester must be notified on or before October 31, 2020 of their status for the Spring 2021 semester. TA/GA's whom are currently employed should have already been notified of their reappointment status for the coming academic year. For more information, please visit the Teaching and Graduate Assistants page. 

If you are ready to process TA/GA appointments for Fall 2020, click here to learn more. 

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