If an employee will continue to work for the University and his/her work authorization documents are due to expire, an I-9 reverification will need to be processed. The I-9 reverification needs to be updated with new approved documents or with the receipt notice showing the employee timely filed for an extension on or before the date that the current work authorization expires. If the record is not updated by the time the work authorization expires, the employee will no longer be eligible to work following the expiration of his or her work authorization.

SAS-HR will send the department and/or employee (as applicable) a friendly reminder regarding the employee(s) whom are due for an I-9 reverification. They will also request updated work authorization documents at that time. 

Renewed work authorization documents may include:  

  1. Unexpired Foreign Passport
  2. Most Recent I-94
  3. Visa document (I-20, DS-2019, HIB)
    If the employee is no longer on a visa, but has since received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD card) or has become a Permanent Resident, a front and back copy of the respective card will suffice. 

If the employee does not have the approved documents but has the USCIS receipt notice (Form I-797C) showing he/she timely filed for an extension, a 90 day extension can be added to the I-9 until the approved documents are received.

If you are an SAS employee whom needs an I-9 reverification, please contact Bonnie Gordon to submit the updated work authorization documents.