2022 Award Winners

Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Student Experience:

  • Krystal Whitehead – Undergraduate Student Advising Counselor, Psychology Department

2022 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Operational Excellence:

  • Zsofia Pal, Operations Manager, Psychology Department
  • Christine Spassione, Senior Program Administrator, DIMACS (the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science)
  • Gabrielle Wilders, Senior Executive Associate, Executive Dean’s Office

2022 Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Staff Culture:

  • Michelle Feeney, Division Director of Administration for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Executive Dean’s Office
  • Christina Pasley, Divisional Director of Administration for Interdisciplinary Programs, Executive Dean’s Office

2022 Team Award for Outstanding Contributions to Operational Excellence:

  • Operations, History Department: Amanda Gravenhise, Anuja Rivera, Dawn Ruskai, Candace Walcott-Shepherd

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2021 Award Winners

Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Student Experience:

  • Kathleen Guarino - Administrative Assistant, Mathematics
  • Viktor Oudovenko - High Performance Computing Manager, Physics & Astronomy
  • The Rutgers Writing Center Team - Marie Freibergs, Grace Kincaid, and Christopher Wolfe

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Operational Excellence:

  • Geralyn Colvil - Department Administrator, Art History
  • Lauryn Siu - Coordinator of Administrative Services, Divisions of Mathematical & Physical Sciences and Life Sciences
  • Alessandra Sperling - Department Administrator, English Writing Program
  • Tamela Wilcox - Unit Computing Manager, Information Technology
  • Steven Young - Coordinator of Shipping and Receiving, Chemistry & Chemical Biology
  • The Language Center (SAS Language Institute) Team - Katherine Armbruster, Patricia Blum, Joseph Ponist, and Daissy Santamaria

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Staff Culture: 

  • Vicki Brooks - Assistant Dean, SAS Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)


2020 Award Winners

Individual Awards:

  • Tiffany Berg - Divisional Director of Administration, Humanities
  • Steven DeFeo - Unit Computing Manager, Information Technology
  • Jason DiPaolo - Director, Office of Finance and Budget
  • Ann Marie Fiorella-Mullen - Program Coordinator, Political Science
  • Jenny Gehrmann - Senior Department Administrator, Jewish Studies/Bildner Center
  • Aimee LaBrie - Senior Program Coordinator, English
  • Madai Poole - Department Administrator, Latino and Caribbean Studies
  • Anne Sokolowski - Senior Administrative Assistant, Psychology Graduate Office
  • Matthew Steiner - Unit Computing Manager, Information Technology

Team Awards:

  • The Office of Communications - John Chadwick, Kara Donaldson, and Ian DeFalco

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COVID-19 Response Individual Awards: 

  • Patricia Badillo-Salas - Department Administrator Supervisor, Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Leandra Cain - Senior Administrative Assistant Supervisor, English
  • Sean O'Leary - Veterinary Research Technician, Cell Biology and Neuroscience/Keck Center
  • Anabell Williams - Divisional Director of Administration, Life Sciences

COVID-19 Response Team Awards: 

  • English Graduate Program Support Team - Courtney Borak and Cheryl Robinson
  • Human Resources Team - Bonnie Gordon, Rosemary Lane, and Dale Koznecki
  • Office of Advising and Academic Services - Melissa Amaral, Erica Anderson, Milagros Arroyo, Jessica Beuthe, Angeline Bishop Thomas, Patricia Bonell-Piani (Arteaga), Christine Bonny, Carol Borrmann-Begg, Adrian Bruning, Neeta Chandrashekhar, Vanessa Chiaramonte, Vanessa Coleman, Victor Cubero, Diane DeLauro, Robin Diamond, Lauren Dudzak, Madison Edwards-Bednar, Shaheen Fatima, Catrina Gallo, Fred Giliberti, Kathleen Gill, Rosalie Green, Kristy Haar, Brian Hart, Eric Himsel, Wei Huang, Emily Kaminski, Sabrina Lauredent, Frankie Lewis, Jie (Jenny) Li, Erin Melillo, Christin Nassar, Lenore Neigeborn, Moriah Nester-Watt, Michelle Neumyer, Janice Nygard, Vanessa Ortiz-Tepedino, Gary Panetta, Garth Patterson, Emily Pereira, Rosanna Puntiel, Mary Kate Schiff, Renee Schiffman, Rebecca Shaffer, Courtney Stanzione, Jennifer Trancucci, Tanya Washington, Nicola Wyatt, Alicia Regina Yetka and Iris Zipkin

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2019 Award Winners

Individual Awards:

  • Courtney Borack - Administrative Assistant, English Graduate Office
  • Carolyn Burger - Manager Supervisor, The Language Center
  • Elizabeth deWolfe - Program Coordinator, German, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures (GRELL)
  • Marie Ferguson - Program Coordinator, Sociology
  • Donna Ghilino - Senior Department Administrator Supervisor, Economics
  • Dale Koznecki - Assistant Dean, Human Resources - Academics
  • Robert Porcja - Laboratory Support Specialist, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • William Schneider - Supervising Instrument Maker - Repair, Physics and Astronomy
  • Matt Wosniak - Assistant Director, Information Technology
  • Pete Zitelli - Unit Computing Manager, Information Technology

Team Awards:

  • Department of Psychology Undergraduate Office - Bonita Holt-Griffith and Cremilde Roman
  • Human Resources On-boarding Team - Heather Eng, Victoria Long, Nadia Meyer, Stephanie Phang, Mary-Elizabeth Thompson

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Past Award Winners


Individual Awards:

  • Jim Bennett - Program Coordinator II, W.M Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience
  • Mercedes Diaz - Senior Program Administrative Assistant, Philosophy
  • Jennifer Flaherty - Senior Department Administrator Supervisor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Linguistics, Italian, and The Language Center
  • Elizabeth Folk - Senior Department Administrator Supervisor, Department of French, Classics, GRELL, AMESALL, Comparative Literature Program, and Cinema Studies
  • Lisa Iorillo - Senior Department Administrator Supervisor, Sociology
  • Sarah Laboy-Almodovar - Department Administrator Supervisor, Criminal Justice Program
  • David Maiullo - Laboratory Support Specialist, Physics & Astronomy
  • Christina Overmyer - Supervisor Laboratory Instructional Support, DLS Office of Undergraduate Instruction
  • Sara Pixley - Director Supervisor, Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science
  • Anuja Rivera - Administrative Assistance, History
  • Cheryl Robinson - Senior Administrative Assistant, English
  • Alyssa Siegel - Senior Program Coordinator, Mathematics

Team Awards:

  • Master's in Mathematical Finance Program Coordinators - Sunita Jagtiani-Sanghvi and Ana Mastrogiovanni
  • Office of Advising and Academic Services Leadership Team - Erica Anderson, Milagros Arroyo, Vanessa Coleman, Robin Diamond, Lenore Neighborn, Garth Patterson, Courtney Stanzione, Iris Zipkin

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