The DLS Business Office and SAS IT Office have collaborated on a process to improve the overall experience when purchasing IT equipment; this includes  computers, tablets/phones, printers, software, networking devices, computer based or network-capable instruments, and accessories/peripherals. This new process will guarantee IT purchases satisfy stated needs, can be effectively supported, are sourced from vendors that are approved/preferred, and are found at the best price. The approval workflow is initiated by filling in a short Microsoft form available here:

The form asks for the following information:

  1. Intended User – name of the intended user(s) of the items purchased; all those included here will receive a copy of the approval/denial message; since the form requires you to login first using your Rutgers connect account, the person submitting the form will always receive the emails as well
  2. User’s Email Address (optional) – a list separated by semicolons of the email addresses of the users above; if the user filling the webform is the only recipient of the approval email, this field is not required
  3. Department Division – DLS Department or Divisional affiliation
  4. Item Category – broad category for the request (Hardware, Networking, Software, Peripheral, Other)
  5. Sub-Category – specific items belonging to above categories; if the request is for multiple items, either use other or specify the main/most expensive component of the quote/request
  6. Product Details – details of the item(s) for the purchase which typically includes model numbers, plain-text description, and/or specifications
  7. Product Quote – multiple attachments for the quoted products above; up to 10 uploads are allowed and can be image files, PDF, Word/Excel/PPT
  8. Usage Details – how the equipment will be used; helps IT determine if it’s the right choice for you
  9. Total Cost or Budget – how much is the quote or how much do you have budgeted for this project


Once the request has been submitted, every IT support person in DLS will be notified immediately; any one of them can process the request directly from their email, via Teams, or on the web so the turnaround time should be very quick. Once your request is processed, you and those optionally specified will receive and email with all the details submitted and the word “APPROVED” or “DENIED” in the subject line and body with comments added for clarity if necessary.

Once your request has been approved, the resultant email MUST be attached to your requisition in SciQuest (RU Marketplace) or the DLS Business Office will reject your submission. To ensure required inventorying of the item and to minimize setup time and proper deployment of the device, you should also ship this equipment directly to your local IT office and NOT to yourself or your lab.