PaymentWorks is the supplier portal that all new suppliers must be invited to register by Rutgers. 

PaymentWorks can be accessed through this link: Cornerstone- Supplier Portal

In the Cornerstone System, the tile looks like under the Finance and Purchasing Section:


One invited by Rutgers, suppliers will submit and maintain their own documentation.

When the supplier is in the Payment Works system, they will see this: Job Aide- What the Supplier Sees

PaymentWorks was implemented on September 16, 2019.


Rutgers Units and Procurement can invite new suppliers-

  • From PaymentWorks Home Page, click on "Vendor Master Updates"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the section and click on "Filters and Search Bars" to initiate the invite.
  • A pop up will appear- fields with an "*" are required
    • Company Name
    • Contact E-Mail
    • Verify Contact E-Mail
    • Supplier Type
    • Initiator Phone Number
    • Personalized Message (optional field)
  • Job Aid from Canvas- How to Invite a Supplier

Checking the Supplier On-Boarding Status-

  • From the PaymentWorks Home Page, click on "Vendor Master Updates"
  • To see the status of the suppliers you have invited, enter your name in the "Invitation Initiator" field.  If you leave this field blank, you will see all suppliers statuses.
  • There are 3 columns with supplier statuses:
    • Invitation, Vendor Account, and New Vendor Registration
  • Invitation Columns Statuses:
    • Pending Approval- Invite Pending Procurement review and approval
    • Invitation Rejected- Procurement has rejected the invite
    • Sent- Procurement has approved and the e-mail has been sent
    • Undeliverable- E-mail could not be delivered to supplier's server-initiator will need to correct the email
    • Delivered- E-mail has reached supplier's inbox
    • Opened- E-mail has been opened
    • Clicked- Special invitation link clicked
    • Cancelled- Invitation was altered and resent with new Vendor Name and E-mail
  • Vendor Account Column Statuses:
    • No Account
    • Registered- Created account and waiting to validate e-mail
    • E-mail Validated- Supplier validated e-mail and can begin registration
  • Vendor Registration Column Statuses:
    • Not Started- Supplier has not begun registration form
    • In Progress- Supplier has started the registration form, but not completed
    • Submitted- Supplier has completed the registration form
    • Returned- Procurement returned to Supplier to correct information
    • Approved- Procurement has approved suppliers registration form
    • Rejected- Procurement has rejected for a variety of reasons, contact procurement via Procurement Contact System
    • Processed- System integration in process
    • Complete (w/Vendor #)- Supplier has been integrated and fully on-boarded
  • Job Aid from Canvas- How to Check Supplier On-Boarding Status

For more information- please see Procurement Services Website on How to Become a Supplier