The General Ledger is to be used when you are charging either personnel or non personnel expenses that support the operation of your organization.

A project is used for expenses associated with a specific purpose within the organization.  These funds can not be used for the general operation of your organization.

  • Internally Designated (projects that begin with "2")
  • Faculty Research (projects that begin with "3")
  • Gifts (projects that begin with "5")
  • Endowments (projects that begin with "6")
  • Grants (projects that begin with "8")
  • Cost Share (projects that begin with "9")
  • Log into Oracle (Cornerstone)
  • Click on Tools --> Reports and Analytics
  • Click on Browse Catalog
  • Open the Endowment Spend Allocation Status Dashboard by clicking on
    • Shared Folders --> Custom --> RU Saved Queries --> Projects --> Endowment Spend Allocation Status Dashboard
  • In the parameters section, you can search for your department's UDO, and then click "Apply"
  • A report will generate showing your department's endowed funds. There are four columns you will need to pay most attention to:
    • "Current Year Beginning Balance" will show any available amount carried over from the prior fiscal year.
    • "Current Year to Date Expense" shows the amount of expenses charged to the endowment fund for the current fiscal year.
    • "Full Year Projected Operating Income" shows the amount of income the endowment fund is projected to earn in the current fiscal year.
    • "Current YTD Projected Operating Balance" shows the amount of money available to spend (Beginning balance - YTD Expense + Projected Income).

This can be found in the "Go To Reports" of the Chancellor's Office website, or by clicking here!

  • You can get access from the forms repositories listed below:
  • Procurement forms repository
  • Cornerstone (Ledger and Tableau) Forms Repository located on the Controller's website.