Tools and Reports

Approval Set Up

Business Operations fall into 2 categories-

  • Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)
    • This covers operations including operational reports, expense management, journal entries and transfers for both projects and the General Ledger.
      • Approvals for expense management and journal entries and transfers are established by person, not by string.  This means each individual at Rutgers will need to have a finance approver assigned to them when they are newly hired or they transfer in.  
      • Without the finance approver, the individual will not be able to process expense reports and the department or center runs the risk of not being able to process journal entries or transfers. 
    • Looking up Finance Approvers for Oracle
    • The University Controller's website will have the forms to add, change, delete finance approvers.
  • RU Marketplace (Jaeger)
    • This covers anything purchasing related.
      • Approvals for purchasing are established by string.  
        • You need to have approvers on each string (whether it is the General Ledger (GL) or Project in order to process purchase orders.
    • To look up your RU Marketplace (Jaeger) approvers, you must submit a request through Procurement's Help Desk Ticket System.
      • Be sure to attach a list of your strings.