The Office of Administration will manage renovations for departments that do not have the appropriate business or administrative personnel to administer these responsibilities. Renovation projects are often funded through shared arrangements among multiple Rutgers schools, centers, departments and/or University Facilities, Office of Planning and Development. However, regardless of the funding source, Donna Piazza should be contacted at the beginning of a project. For those departments managing their own projects, the Office of Administration will coordinate and transfer resources as necessary and serve in an advisory capacity as requested.

Many renovations require design services which are available through the Facilities Project Administration Senior Interior Design Specialist, Rebecca Garner at (848) 445-2530. Departments can also work through their Campus Planner/Estimator and the Office of Administration to obtain design services.

Click here to submit a Project Request Form to University Facilities. The request will go to a panel, including the University Architect, to determine the scope of work and which area of Facilities should manage the project.

The following Facilities Planner/Estimators can be contacted for estimates and/or designs on renovations:

Large-scale renovations (under $2 million) are managed by University Facilities Project Services.  An administrative fee of 10% and a project contingency fee of 10% is added to each project budget. It is important to obtain bids for projects to ensure the best possible price based on scale, complexity, timeframe, and other considerations. Special requests for the inclusion of specific approved vendors in the bidding process are generally allowed; however, there is no guarantee of final project award. Rutgers Contract Services will usually bid on each project as well. The bidding process generally takes two to six weeks, depending on scale and complexity, so please ensure you have allowed for enough time when working against a deadline. It is always best to reach out to the Office of Administration early in your planning.