Maintenance & Internal Matters

Space and Facilities Management Meetings

The Office of Administration is working very closely with Space and Facilities Management to improve the response and completion time for work orders that are submitted for the SAS departments. In particular, the new Space and Facilities Management Work Order Center Manager serves as a single point of contact for follow up and troubleshooting to improve services to departments.

Individual Building Coordinators\Facilities meetings will soon be scheduled for all buildings. In addition, an annual space walkthrough will be scheduled with each Building Coordinator. Representatives from various Space and Facilities Management departments will join with SAS Dean's Office staff and departmental Building Coordinators to review the status of each department's space, identify major issues, and prioritize them for resolution.

Additional walkthroughs or meetings to address persistent or emergent issues can be scheduled as needed. In addition, weekly summary reports of open work orders are distributed to building coordinators and discussed with SAS Space and Facilities Management staff to ensure regular attention is paid to ongoing maintenance issues.

Please contact us directly for assistance with any building maintenance issues that are not addressed in a timely manner.  We ask that you provide us with the work order number and the date submitted as a reference for follow up.

Please watch this website for important information as we receive it from Space and Facilities Management.