Tools and Reports


Reporting in Cornerstone can be cumbersome.

Cornerstone is a report that runs on totals- the Office of the University Controller has set up a list of Go To Reports that are commonly used  for both the General Ledger (GL) and Projects (for sponsored and non-sponsored).


The recommended reports from the go-to reports are the following:

  • 505-Project Cost, Revenue, Budget, Commitments
  • RU PJ 073 Project Cost Detail Report
    • The Report 073 can be accessed through the Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)
      • Path on Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)
        • click on "Tools", click on "Reports and Analytics"
        • click on the following path- All Folders --> Shared--> Custom --> RU Custom--> Reports --> PGM Reports
        • Screen Shots
  • Project Revenue with Accounting Details

General Ledger-

The General Ledger (GL) represents your entire organization.  There are recommended reports on the Go To Reports portion of the Controller's Website.

These reports will show you the details regarding your GL. 

  • Report 023 has been used with success as it breaks the totals down by individual months.
  • Report 023 an be accessed through the Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)
  • Report 023 can be run where you will only see the activity per month.  Unfortunately it is still a totals report, but this report will give you the total expenditures per month, and not the total for the fiscal  year.


Payroll  reports are available through the Tableau System

  • Tableau is located at the or at Cornerstone
    • Bireporting website will bring you directly in to Tableau
    • Cornerstone Tableau section is located under the Finance and Purchasing section.
      • There are 4 workbook options-
        • FMS Payroll Distribution
          • These will give you report options for reports that detail payroll by employee or by chart strings.
        • FMS Employee Status
          • These will give you report options for reports that will show you who is getting paid on which string, and the percent that is on each string.
        • FMS Appointment Level Charging Instructions
          • These will give you a report that will show you the employee charging instructions in PeopleSoft based on the criteria selected.
        • FMS Department Default ECI
          • This will give you the valid strings for the department id.
    • SAS Guide to Tableau Current Payroll