University Policy 40.2.2 - Financial Status Reports Distribution
  A. The University's implementation of RIAS Phase II occurred in July 2008 and included the formation of the Oracle General Ledger which replaced the University's Financial Accounting System and is now the University's official set of books, a redesign of the financial data warehouse (FDW) and the creation of a comprehensive reporting solution including the development of standard web-based reports.
  B. Authorized university personnel now access and manage grant and non grant accounts through the RIAS Gateway using Discoverer Viewer, Financial Dashboard, and/or REX.  The University has established guidelines and polices for managing access to its systems and data which RIAS and REX follow.  Click here to learn how to gain access to RIAS.  Additional steps are required in order to gain access to Discoverer and REX.
  C. Account activity can be analyzed on a daily basis using standardized reports or by selecting parameters to create customized reports.  The RIAS website provides user guides/reference materials, online training, and a section on FAQs.
University Policy 40.2.3 - Fiscal Responsibilities Associated with the Administration of University Accounts
  A. Since the implementation of the Oracle General Ledger, the university uses a revised system of fund account attributes.  Some of the most frequently used are: accounts beginning with 2-0 (state accounts), 2-2 (cost share accounts), 0-2 (grant account receivable accounts), 4-2 and 4-3 (grant accounts), 5-X (gift accounts) and 6-X (endowment funds).  For more information, see Financial Data Warehouse Field Definitions under "Account Number" and "Appropriation Code".
  B. In reference to B-4 of the policy, Accounting no longer issues monthly account reports.  Daily, weekly and monthly reconciliation reports can now be obtained anytime using Discoverer or REX.