The SAS Office of Administration manages the procurement and deployment of photocopiers for the School on a regular cycle. The last deployment of new copiers was in September 2016 under a four-year contract with Ricoh. Departments should contact the SAS Office of Administration directly to report service problems, or for answers to questions or concerns regarding your copiers.

Departments should communicate repair requests and place copier supply orders directly to Ricoh. The main number for Ricoh and the ID number for your copier are located on the front of the machine. Please have your copier ID number available when calling.

For any other information, please visit the Ricoh Website.

Ricoh Service Call Number: (888) 456-6457

Penny Osvai - Ricoh Copier Sales Representative

Direct Line: (609) 689-2485

Cell: (609) 947-0965

Brochures for Ricoh copy machines