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The following SAS guidelines supplement the official instructions from the Office of Academic Labor Relations.

  • Form 1A: Recommendation Form
    • For page numbering: organize by page 1, page 2, etc. instead of page 1 of 25, 2 of 25, etc.This will make it easier if you need to make changes that could cause a change in page numbers.
    • Put the Certification and signatures on a separate page; do not put a page number on this page to prevent the need to re-sign the form if there are changes to the Form 1-a that cause a change in the page numbers
    • Candidate Information
      • Put "XX" before "Reappointment as"
      • Department: if shared appointment, include secondary unit
      • Budgetary Information: indicate percentages (e.g., English 75%, Women’s and Gender Studies 25%)
    • Teaching Charts
      • The Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR) will produce Teaching Charts for use in reappointment packets.
      • The charts are forwarded to the Deans' offices and then will be forwarded to you. 
      • The charts will be “pre-filled” with most of the required information.  You will need to insert any missing information (e.g., Fall 2018 courses).  In addition, you will need to identify semesters when the faculty member was not teaching and provide the reason (e.g., sabbatical, CFL); this may be done by footnote.  If particular evaluations are not available, provide footnotes explaining their absence.
      • If you choose not to use the CTAAR charts, you must complete the teaching charts on your own.
      • Provide footnotes if additional explanation is necessary.
      • Do not include Independent Study Courses on teaching charts.
  • Form 2: Criteria Applicable to this Candidate
  • Form3: Report on External Confidential Letters
  • Form 3A: Confidential letters Cover Sheet
  • Form 4: Departmental Narrative
    • Information in narrative must coincide with information in Form 1-a
    • Address negative votes and/or abstentions in the narrative
    • Last page - TWO checks
    • 2/3 vote is necessary to be credited as “positive” vote; include positive, negative and abstaining
    • For ad hoc department members, include home department name
    • Attachments follow Form 4
      • If Reading Committee Report attached, must be attached for all candidates in department
      • If shared appointment, attach memorandum from Secondary Department/Unit
      • Reports must be dated before date of departmental meeting
  • Form 5: Narrative Summary of Dean's Recommendation
  • Appendix H: Inventory Listing of Supplemental Materials
    • Must be signed by the candidate and the chair
    • Put candidate's name on the form
    • Do NOT include a copy of the personal statement and the CV as part of the supplemental materials
    • If the supplemental materials are in the Packet Depository System, do not include a hard copy as well; the online version is sufficient
    • If hard copies of supplemental materials are submitted, include a second copy of the Inventory Listing (Appendix H) with the materials

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