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Timetable for Department Chairs


  • October 1, 2019 - Deadline for promotion packets to be submitted to SAS 
  • Deadline for new appointments with tenure:  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for deadlines
  • Chairs with multiple packets or exceptional circumstances should contact the Area Deans as soon as possible to set up an alternative schedule. 



  • Discuss viability of potential cases with candidates and Area Dean
  • Who is up for consideration?  Decided by the chair in consultation with the appropriate faculty, except:
    • Up-or-out cases
    • After 6 years in rank, faculty can bring themselves up every 4 years


  • Provide URL for Academic Reappointment/ Promotion Instructions to candidates:
  • Send 30-day notification letters (Instructions, Appendix F-1/F-2).  Text cannot be modified without prior approval.
  • Chairs should consult candidate and colleagues re: referees on Form 3a. Obtain Area Dean’s written approval for list.  You must have at least seven letters by independent referees.
  • If a candidate has a secondary department/unit, chair/director of secondary department/unit must participate with chair in the selection of external referees and must also sign the pre-solicitation email and the solicitation letter.
  • Send pre-solicitation email to external referees (Instructions, Appendix G).  Text cannot be modified without prior approval.
  • Work with candidate to assemble scholarly materials and draft Form 1-a (extended and transformed CV) and Personal Statement.  The candidate is responsible for completing Form 1-a, although departments are encouraged to help the candidate in this task.  Give the candidate a deadline for submission of completed Form 1-a to you (date should normally be in August).
  • Mail solicitation letters to referees with CV, scholarly materials, personal statement (Instructions, Appendix G-I/GII).  Text cannot be modified without prior approval.
  • If it is the department's practice, appoint Reading and/or Teaching Evaluation Committees.
  • Begin the process of monitoring and recording responses of referees. Solicit replacements as necessary.


  • Set up a schedule for reminding and checking with referees, as appropriate.  Verify that all letters are received.
  • Obtain completed Form 1-a from candidate.  Verify that the Form 1-a includes all relevant information under appropriate categories and there are no duplicate entries.  Sign within 10 days of receipt. Form 1-a must be signed before the date of the department meeting.
  • Obtain Supplemental Materials from candidate (Instructions, Inventory Listing, Appendix H).
  • Two summer tasks, as needed:
    • Work with Area Dean to identify ad hoc members of the department (if needed); need six department memebers at proposed rank or higher for the department vote.
    • Keep secondary unit on track to deliver a timely report.


  • If applicable, make sure the secondary department/unit evaluation memo is received before the department meeting.
  • Make completed Form 1-a available to all department members before department meeting.
  • Lead the department meeting on the candidacy.  As chair, vote, unless the candidate’s proposed rank is higher than your own.
  • Notify the candidate in writing of the outcome, immediately.  This is mandatory and must occur within 5 days of the meeting.
  • Draft the department narrative, invite comment from attendees at decision meeting.

OCTOBER 1, 2019

* Deadline for promotion packets to be submitted to SAS Dean's Office

  • Deliver original hard copy of the signed packet to the SAS Dean's Office | Room 002.
  • Prior to delivery, upload packet into the SAS Packet Depository  Be sure to click on “FINAL: Submit to SAS Dean’s Office.”
  • Submit supplemental materials via the SAS online Packet Depository and/or hardcopy delivery to the SAS Dean’s Office.

We will continue to use the Packet Depository System to address questions and concerns regarding the packet.  As comments are entered into the system an email notification will be sent directly to you, asking you to log into the Packet Depository System to view said comments.  You have the ability to respond to their questions or ask questions of your own, directly in the Packet Depository System.

Please see the Packet Depository Training guide for more information about the interactive process between the Dean's Office and the department.


  • You will be notified of the date of the applicable A&P meeting(s) and asked for contact information. Please make yourself available by phone during the A&P Committee meeting; its members may have questions about the case.
  • Keep Academic Personnel and Area Dean apprised of material changes in the candidate’s publications, grants, etc., as the case moves forward.
  • If the Dean is considering a decision different from the Department’s, you will be asked to meet with the Dean to discuss concerns.


  • Most promotion and tenure decisions are made official at the meeting of the Board of Governors in mid-April.


  • Remaining promotion and tenure decisions are made official at the meeting of the Board of Governors in mid-June.

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