Approver Responsibilities

Approval authority is an important business function and is taken very seriously by Rutgers University and the School of Arts and Sciences.  In granting approver status to an administrator, the University has basic expectations as described in the Basic Expectations for Approvers document located on the RIAS Forms website.  Some basic expectations mentioned in this document include the following:

  • Approvers must have a working knowledge of basic accounting and budgeting concepts as well as purchasing guidelines
  • must be able to access, interpret and apply University policies; budget, expenditure and commitment information; and grant and gift regulations and policies
  • must be able to exercise professional judgment and due diligence when determining if an expenditure or transaction is reasonable, appropriate and necessary
  • must be able to ensure expenditures are within budget
  • are expected to attend training programs and use desktop computing tools including online applications

In addition, the University Travel website provides a Responsibilities page outlining the department, individual, and authorized approver responsibilities in handling travel-related expenditures.


To apply for approver authority, please click this link and select the appropriate form based on the descriptive material provided for each. 



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