Budget Process

The fiscal year begins July 1 but the School of Arts and Sciences annual budget is not finalized until after the working budget in the Fall.  The University's budget process can be viewed on the RU Budget Facts website.  The School of Arts and Sciences budget process is shown below.


July 1 Fiscal year begins
September Working budget is open for the Dean's Office to review and to make any necessary adjustments
October - November
Fall semester departmental meetings
December SAS Dean's Office to distribute Mid-Year Financial Review report containing November 30 YTD data. Departments to review and reconcile reports. Reports are then to be submitted to the SAS Dean's Office by end of December.
January SAS Dean's Office to review department's submissions and will make any necessary budget adjustments and journal entries.
June Review Dean's Office commitment for next fiscal year
June - July Year end close
June 30 Fiscal year ends

** Check this website regularly for other pertinent dates and deadlines.

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