All Funds Budgeting (AFB)

The All Funds Budgeting (AFB) system for distributing financial resources (budgets) to academic units began in FY05 with a partial implementation followed by a pilot program in FY06 and then full implementation in FY07.  The major element in the AFB system is in determining the allocation of tuition revenues.  Tuition revenue is first allocated 55% to the academic units and 45% to central, with exceptions to the following: 85% to units for qualified off-campus and online courses; 77% to units for summer sessions and 80% to units for winter sessions.  The 55% is further divided: 70% to the teaching unit and 30% to the enrolling unit.  Other AFB elements include the allocation of state appropriations, grants, F&A returns, endowment income, gifts, and miscellaneous income from other educational activities.

For additional information, see All Funds Budgeting and the Rutgers University Senate Budget and Finance Committee's Report and Recommendations on All Funds Budgeting - January 2008.


The SAS Dean's Office distributes funding to departments for certain revenue-generating activities.  Some of these are detailed below:

Summer/Winter Session
Profits from SAS Summer and Winter Session teaching (after the cost of instruction has been deducted) are returned to the SAS Dean's Office each year.  The Dean's Office returns a portion of these profits to the departments based on their amount of teaching in each session.

Online and Off Campus Courses
As stated above, the return to the SAS Dean's Office for Online and Off Campus courses is at a higher rate than for standard on-campus courses.  The SAS Dean's Office will return a portion of this revenue to departments.  The specific distribution is currently under review.

Courses and programs developed under the SAS Entrepreneurial Program will have a portion of their revenue returned to departments.  These returns are based on the agreement for each course/program as defined by their SASEP grant.  For questions about the SAS Entrepreneurial Program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 848-932-6418.

The SAS Dean's Office transfers funding to departments each year based on the amount of F&A in their PI's grants from the prior year.  Currently, the return to departments is an amount equivalent to 7.5% of the F&A in their PI's grants.


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