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Payroll/HR Process Updates

OIT is working on a redesign of the Salary Reallocation process. The redesign is targeted for implementation in the first quarter of calendar year 2013. The redesigned process will allow departments to input their own salary reallocations.

Departments had asked for an audit trail to track the changes in the system. Additional fields to detail who made changes and when those changes were made were put into production the week of September 17. These fields reflect who has made changes to charging instructions on the Department Earnings tab. It will also note if an automated change was made.

OIT has developed a Global Search function for new hire templates that will allow preparers to identify employees who are already in the system and use that data to populate the new template. This function is being tested now and is still on target for an October rollout.

OIT is testing a new graphic menu interface for users in the system. This should make it easier for users to find the link they need.

OIT has developed a “Roster of Employees Paid” screen which lists all employees who were/will be paid for a specific pay date. The screen is sortable on multiple fields (name, job title, etc) and can be exported to Excel. The data is available when the payroll sheets are created and a preliminary calculation has been run, which is usually the Thursday or Friday of the week prior to the pay date. It will note that the data is “preliminary” until such time that the actual payroll is run. The report has just been modified and it will now display Contract Pay as a separate line item.

Departments have also asked for exception reporting. OIT has not worked on this yet, but it is on the list of projects.

OIT is working on updates to the new hire templates to decrease the amount of required data entry. The available job codes will be filtered by the type of template you choose, so you do not have to search through the entire list. Once the job code is selected, it will default in the data for several fields that are standard within that job code (workweek hours, NE/NL, etc). The new templates will minimize the amount of data entry that has to be done by the HR Preparer.

The workflow is going to be adjusted so that it stops at the HR department approver before going to UHR, Academic Affairs, or directly into the database. When the preparer hits the “save and submit” button, a message will be sent to the HR department approver with a link to a custom page. The approver will go to this page and be able to see all of the pertinent new hire information. The approver will have the ability to deny the hire, and make comments explaining why it was denied, or simply approve the hire. A need for a backup approver was discussed and OIT will look into how they can accommodate this need. The approver will have to go back into the system to adjust the commitment accounting after the hire is in the database, but a longer term potential goal would be to have the account information input at the beginning and auto-populate the charging instructions. In addition, OIT is working to document transactions and their associated worklist and e-mail notifications.

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