Finance & Budget Planning

The Office of Finance and Budget Planning, directed by Jason DiPaolo, is charged with managing the fiscal affairs of the School of Arts and Sciences and providing business related guidance to SAS faculty and staff, including oversight of the School's Working Budget, general accounting activities and authorizations (signatory authority, budget adjustments, journal entries, new accounts, etc.), final approval of salary and non-salary expenditures, procurement, and broad oversight and execution of internal controls.

The Office of Finance and Budget Planning serves as the School's primary contact with numerous divisions of the central University, including the Office of Budget & Resources Studies, the Office of the Controller, the Office of Budget Management, the Division of Grant and Contract Accounting, the Payroll Department, the Purchasing Department, and other Rutgers University schools' business offices.

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  • Budget Management

    This area includes information related to the University's budget process. Forms and procedures for the transfer of funds between accounts are also in this area.

  • Fiscal Controls

    Rutgers has provided documentation of the fiscal controls at the University level. In this section is an overview of fiscal controls as well as documentation related to the specific responsibilities of Rutgers staff in various business roles.

    • Resources
  • Grants

    This section includes information on all aspects of sponsored research. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and The Division of Grant and Contract Accounting are the university offices responsible for pre-award and post-award research administration. On this page you will find links to these offices, as well as other information related to grant administration.

  • Tools and Reports

    The main business related tools at Rutgers are in the Rutgers Integrated Administrative System (RIAS). This section includes information about these tools and reports, as well as the forms necessary to gain access to the various areas of RIAS.

  • Contacts

    Here you will find an organizational chart as well as a list that provides contact information for all SAS departments including a main contact staff person, departmental chair, business contact and manager.

  • News & Announcements

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